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Ravneel Chandra

Client Solutions Manager

Rav has a decade of experience in the digital marketing industry, working across independent agencies and in AdTech. Over this time, he has specialised in performance marketing & measurement. He has had the pleasure of working with B2B and B2C brands of different sizes across the globe in many different industries. One of his highlights is working with large global brands, including Skyscanner, Vodafone and Intercontinental Hotels Group, on their digital transformation journeys during his time in the UK.

Now at TikTok, Rav supports brands to unlock the platform's power to scale and diversify their Brand and performance marketing. He has loved seeing brands evolve on the platform over the last 18 months and really lean into what TikTok is all about. 

Brent Ireland

Brent Ireland is the Director at Collab Digital, a specialist digital marketing agency that represents a long list of clients locally, nationally and internationally. With over 15 years experience in media he has worked on both the publisher and agency sides managing key relationships across NewsCorp, Mediaworks, GroupM, ZenithOptimedia, 30 SECONDS, Mother Earth, Ford, Coles, Honda, BMW, Mazda, Vic Goverment, ANZ, NAB and many more. His experience spans across both traditional and digital media strategy and placement, giving him an in depth understanding of the marketing space.

Viv Conway

Viv Conway is Co-Founder of 7-figure women’s sexual wellness brand, Girls Get Off. No stranger to the world of business, Viv has previously built and sold an activewear brand and a social media agency. Girls Get Off are on a mission to empower women in all things pleasurable, removing the stigma or taboo that comes with talking about (and making the most of!) getting off. Viv believes that shame needs to be taken out of female masturbation (like, who the heck made it feel shameful to admit to anyway?) and that there’s no greater awakening than getting to know yourself inside and out.

Alisha Palin

Brand Manager

Travel is Alisha Palin’s favourite thing in the world, so it’s little surprise that she’s combined her passion for adventure with her creative marketing expertise to land as the Head of Brand and Customer Experience at JUCY.

Prior to starting at JUCY in 2023, she worked at BNZ, with her role as Brand Manager seeing her work on the 10-year brand refresh project – a career highlight. She’s passionate about developing consistent brands that create brand saliency at all stages of the customer journey, and alongside BNZ and JUCY, some of her freelance clients include Blunt, Comfi, Alf Tools, and more

Greg Stack

PMM Generative AI

Greg is an experienced marketer having worked within Product and Marketing teams at B2B and B2C tech companies for over a decade. Currently the Product Marketing Manager for Generative AI at Canva, Greg bridges the gap between Development and Marketing in a rapidly evolving industry.

He brings a wealth of experience from running product launches for Healthcare tech heavyweight Orion Health to developing growth strategies for music production and DJ software success story Serato.

Outside of his corporate career, Greg’s passion for creativity and storytelling has included working as an writer, illustrator, designer, and music producer.

Carsten Grueber

Country Manager

Carsten is a sales and marketing professional with an international track record at Google, Facebook, and now TikTok, spanning 20 + years in digital and classic media industries. He is passionate about political, government, and not-for-profit marketing campaigns, aiming at informing the public and creating awareness on key issues.